J.W. Kelso Company, Inc's (JWK) advantages regarding resources, capabilities, and availability are many which can be attributed to JWK’s experience. This allows us to utilize our knowledge of local suppliers and vendors for quick turn around and short lead times on necessary construction materials. JWK’s specialized labor force allows for more control of the project and schedule. JWK is able to supply additional equipment, labor, or reconfigure work schedules to accommodate unforeseen site demands or changes in work.

J.W. Kelso Company, Inc. (JWK) has the equipment, manpower, and experience to self-perform many different projects. JWK's services and capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

General Construction

Construction manager agent

Since 2004, JWK has successfully complete numerous Construction Manager Agent projects for government municipalities, schools, and churches.

construction manager-at-risk

JWK’s objective is to initiate construction operations in accordance with an established plan, yet remain flexible enough to modify as necessary.

design build

self perform

JWK owns a significant amount of construction equipment and self-performs a large percentage of its work, including demolition, pile driving, and earthwork.